2013 Entertainment line up:

Sustainability Fair 4 pm- Dusk
TreeHuggr's Ball 5-11 pm

4:00 pm                Gates open to public  (3:00 pm for campers)
5:00-5:30 pm      Dr. Solar Medicine Show
5:30-7:00 pm    
Salty Suites Hillbilly Bluegrass    
7:00 pm                Achachemen Native Storytelling  
7:15 pm                Guest Speaker Robert Hanna
7:30-9:00 pm     
Rod Piazza & Nick-I Hernandez Blues Planet Show!
9:00-9:10           CLCF talks Hot Topics
9:10-11:00 pm  
BETTER CHEMISTRY Reggae Dance Party!

Volunteer clean-up 8 am-1 pm  (Volunteers welcome!)

2013 Special Guest Hillbilly Bluegrass of the Salty Suites

2013 Blues Planet Project with Nick-I Hernandez A.D.D & and Rod Piazza!

2012-13 Reggae Dance Party                     2013 Guests The Acjachemen Singers & Storytellers
Better Chemistry
Juaneno Band of Mission Indians

2013 Children's Live Entertainment includes the Famous Dr. Solar Medicine Show!

   This year's special eco carnival theme will be a 'big topper' for families with children! We'll have kids' eco-art activities, UCI student clowns and the Dr Solar Medicine Show, considered THE GREENEST SHOW ON EARTH! His self-contained 6' X 18' solar powered portable traveling family entertainment experience is a solar powered gypsy wagon affair that would make P.T. Barnum drool and features an Eco-Themed interactive show.

Don't leave your kids at home this year!

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