The Canyon Land Conservation Fund is a tax-exempt 501(C)-3 public benefit organization working to raise the necessary funds to preserve thousands of acres of the Santa Ana Mountain range, the largest wild and scenic area in Orange County.  A significant part of our efforts continue to preserve critical habitat for the federally endangered Arroyo Toad and Coastal Cactus Wren documented on the historic 320-acre Holtz Ranch in Silverado Canyon, the last location supporting the toad within the lower Santa Ana River Watershed of Orange County, now approved for the new St Michael's Abbey church and high school compound.

Upscale housing
and commercial developments such as the SaddleCrest development and St Michael's Abbey continue to threaten the Santiago and Silverado Canyon areas, the scenic and wildlife corridors, along with area specific plans. Home to native Riparian Coast Live Oak and Sycamore trees, and protected animal and plant species, these lands are also cherished by hikers, cyclists and weekend "lookieloo" visitors, so they are in great need of protection.

Monetary and 'In-Kind' donations to our organization from our community partners are crucial. Please help us preserve the Santa Ana Mountain legacy for future generations of Orange County residents to enjoy and to protect.

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                                                                         Historic Holtz Ranch 2013

                                                 Holtz Ranch/ St Michael's Abbey Development Today

                  Conservation efforts are needed to protect Coastal Cactus Wren and Arroyo Toad habitat
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